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Intro Series: Yoga for Back Care with Elise Miller and Lori Neumann

Classes meet Wednesdays, 7:30 - 9:00PM in Mountain View March 11, 18 & April 1, 8, 15, 22

First 3 classes taught by Elise Miller and last 3 taught by Lori Neumann.

This class is for students who are interested in taking ongoing yoga for back care classes or other yoga classes at California Yoga Center.

Students will learn how classical and modified yoga poses can benefit back conditions such as lower back pain, disc disease, sciatica, upper back and neck tightness, or asymmetry in the body due to scoliosis or other minor imbalances.

Series fee is $100. You can register online, by mail or in the studio.

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In Depth Study with Headstand & Shoulderstand with Naomi Hiller Reynolds

Saturday, April 11, 2:00-4:00 PM, in Mountain View

This In Depth Study workshop is part of a series meeting regularly throughout the year to build up your practice of two fundamental asana, Salamba Sirsasana (headstand) and Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder stand). Each session will review material from previous classes and then build from that. There will be an emphasis on preparing and strengthening the body and mind for practicing Sirsasana and Sarvagasana, resulting in a deeper understanding physically, intellectually and energetically for each student.

This workshop will:
- Give in depth instructions on the anatomy and physiology
- Help eliminate any discomfort you may experience in the poses
- Deepen your understanding of Sirsasana and Sarvangasana

Participants should have at least 6 months experience practicing Setu Bhandha (bridge pose) and/or Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) at the wall. Workshops are available on a drop-in basis. Please email instructor to confirm.

Future session scheduled for June 7 and September 12 , 2015.

Fee for each workshop is $55 in advance or $65 at the door.

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Pranayama Practice with Birgit Reimer

Saturday April 18, 2;00-4:00 pm in Mountain View

The monthly class will begin with restorative yoga poses to open the body and end with a meditation.

The benefits of regular pranayama practice may include:
• strengthens the immune system
• increases lung capacity
• balances endocrine and nervous systems
• regulates slow/high blood pressure
• enhances deep physical and mental relaxation

All are welcome.

Fee is $30 per session.

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Anatomy of the Asanas with Osha Hanfling and Mary Ann Furda

Sunday April 19, 1:30-4:30 pm in Mountain View

In this afternoon workshop Mary Ann Furda and Osha Hanfling will share anatomical and physiological information about the pelvic and shoulder girdles, their function and form. Using pictures and a skeleton we will deepen our understanding and then carry that into applicable asanas and sequences of asanas. We will be in active listening, observing and practice of the postures, cultivating a deeper understanding of the layers or koshas involved from the physical to the bliss body.

Fee is $65 in advance, $75 on day of the workshop.

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Backbends & Twists with Janet MacLeod

Saturday May 23, 1-5pm in Mountain View

Janet MacLeod returns to teach at CYC. The first part of her workshop focuses on backbends using a chair, the second part will focus on twisting asanas. There will be a short break between the sessions.
As well as supporting the body in backbends, the chair teaches how to work more specifically on these poses. The firm metal chair helps to open areas of stiffness, preventing over work of flexible areas. Enjoy a variety of backbends taught by Janet and the chair!
Twists are wonderfully nourishing asanas for the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. In addition, they effectively tone the organs and help eliminate toxins from the digestive system. A healthy digestive system is considered to be a fundamental aspect of total health in Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga).
Open to all skill levels.

Fee is $75 in advance; $85 on day of event.

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Workshop Registration

To pre-register for any of our workshops, mail or drop off your check to California Yoga Center.

Now you can also register online.

Checks for all workshops are made out to CYC. Please put the workshop name and date on your check.

CYC refund policy: No refunds one week prior to the event. For early cancellations, full refund less ten dollars.

For more workshop details contact the instructor or call CYC at 650-967-5702.

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