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Class Levels & Descriptions

Level 1

For beginning students who are new to yoga or who would like a more basic practice.

Level 2

For continuing students to enhance their basic practice, strengthen standing poses, and other foundational poses.

Level 3

For students with strong standing poses who want to learn more inverted poses and intermediate backbends, forward bends and twists.

Level 4

For intermediate and advanced students who are ready for more challenging poses.

Mixed Level

All levels welcome; poses will be modified for experience level.

Back Care

For those with back problems. The emphasis is on postures that increase strength and flexibility. Students will learn how classical and modified yoga poses can benefit back conditions such as lower back pain, disc disease, sciatica, upper back and neck tightness, or asymmetry in the body due to scoliosis or other minor imbalances.


The art and science of rhythmic breathing

Restorative Yoga

Supported postures to induce greater rest and relaxation

Yoga for Common Medical Conditions

This class is for those living with chronic conditions, illness or injury. Goals for the class are increased strength & flexibility, breath awareness and learning relaxation techniques. Conditions may include anxiety, arthritis, asthma, cancer and cancer recovery, diabetes, depression, headaches, heart disease, high/low blood pressure, insomnia, menopause, MS, Parkinson's, joint pain or dysfunction in knees, hips, shoulders, or back.


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